Snack Bar Menu

Updated 2/9/15 

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chef’s soup | 6

oysters on the half shell, mignonette, seaweed, lemon | three 8 | six 14 | dozen 28

hand-cut fries, hop oil, spicy ketchup | 5

popcorn, brown butter, rosemary salt | 4

pork rinds, jerk spices, papaya preserves, cashews | 5

potato salad, celery, scallion, mustard crème | 3

seared foie gras, peanut butter brioche, currant jam, apple chips, sage  | 17

field carrots, miso butter, walnuts, red lentil salad, tarragon  | 7

crispy pork belly, maple glaze, sweet potato flapjack, collard greens, pecan | 6



oktoberfest pretzel, barley, sea salt, cheese fondue, horseradish mustard | 10

mad elf fondue, toast, seasonal fruit, honey | 12

poutine-style hand-cut fries, oxtail ragout, cheese curds, rosemary-onion jam, fresh

horseradish, poached egg | 12

wild rice and mushroom fritters, celery root purée, spaghetti squash, kale chips, blood orange | 12

pickled seasonal vegetables, toast, smoked salt | 10

charcuterie house-cured meats, snack bar pickles, horseradish mustard | 13

cheese plate, honey, fruit, toast | 14



classic caesar salad, parmesan, croutons, white anchovies | 8

winter greens, darling clementines, fresh cranberries, hay-smoked gouda, poblano dressing, corn bread crumbles | 11

duck confit, white bean and pork belly cassoulet, dijon, smoked grapes | 14

venison mortadella, field carrots, pistachios, foie gras butter, toast, marmalade | 14

rye flatbread, house pastrami, russian dressing, kraut, gruyere, red onion | 12

crispy 1/2 chicken, mole spices, black bean tacos, pumpkin guacamole, pickled chayote squash | 13

wood smoked trout with deviled eggs, trout roe, asparagus, radish, crème fraiche  | 12



grilled trio of cheese on house sourdough, tomato dip | 9

troegswurst on baguette, red cabbage, new potato salad | 10

braised beef brisket on brioche, mustard slaw, house steak sauce, fries | 12

porchetta on hawaiian sweet roll, amish cheddar, candied yam, grilled pineapple, jalapeño pickles, fries | 12

crab cake on scratch english muffin, house bacon, remoulade, l.t.o., fries | 16

lamb burger, curried naan bread, fig chutney, honey goat cheese, lambs lettuce, carrot harissa, fries | 14



chocolate peanut butter cookie | 4

seasonal dessert | 7

JavaHead goat cheese brownie | 7



chicken fingers, chips, spicy ketchup | 5

kids pizza, tomato sauce, cheese | 6

kids hot dog on split-top roll, chips | 5

PB&J, chips | 4

kids salad, parmesan, croutons, house dressing | 4

quesadilla, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato | 5

hand cut fries, spicy ketchup | 4



artisan sodas | 2.50

bottled water | .50

milk | 1

assorted tea and juice | 3.50



Chicano Sol (Perry County)

Amazing Acres (Chester County)

Keplers Seafood (Middletown)

Groffs Meats (Elizabethtown)

Pekin Paradise (Paradise)

Keswick Creamery (Newburg)

St. Thomas Roasters (Linglestown)

Rettland Farms (Gettysburg)

Jamison Farms (Latrobe)

Roundtop Farm (Lancaster Co.)

Shaffer Venison Farm (Herndon)

Limestone Springs (Lebanon)

Roseda Beef Farm (Monkton, MD)

Little Peace Farm (Schuylkill Haven)

Daisy Flour Mill (Annville)