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DreamWeaver Wheat: 4.8%


Unfiltered German-style Hefeweizen with hints of clove, banana and pepper.


HopBack Amber: 6.0%


Our signature Amber Ale brewed with Cascade, Williamette, Crystal and Nugget hops.


JavaHead Stout: 7.5%


Based on the recipe of our original Oatmeal Stout, JavaHead is brewed with a blend of locally roasted espresso and Kenyan coffee beans by St. Thomas Roasters of Linglestown, PA.


Pale Ale: 5.4%


A Tröegs Brewery classic! American-style Pale Ale brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops.


Perpetual IPA: 7.5%


Imperial Pale Ale brewed with Bravo, Chinook, Mt. Hood and Nugget hops, then further dry-hopped with Citra and Cascade.


Troegenator Double Bock: 8.2%


A dark, strong lager with bready malt characteristics and subtle spicy flavors. Rich, chewy, and warming! 


Hop Cycle Seasonal


Hop Knife Harvest Ale: 6.2%


Hop Knife recognizes the time-honored tradition of hand-harvesting hops at the peak of maturity. Our HopCyclone process creates an inward spiral of hop dispersal during fermentation, releasing a bounty of citrus, resin and tropical aromas.


Sunshine Pils: 4.5%


Our Hop Cycle summer seasonal combines the refreshing snap of a Euro-style Pilsner with an assertive hop character. Crisp. Hoppy. Pilsner.




Dead Reckoning Porter: 5.8%


Unfiltered and aggressively hopped for the style, Dead Reckoning's flavor originates in the chocolate and roasted malts, then follows through with sharp, earthy bitterness and a rich, smooth cocoa moutnfeel.


Scratch Series


Scratch #161 - Fresh Hop Ale: 7.9%%


The first of two Fresh Hop Ales we will release this season, this version features regionally sourced whole flower wet Cascade and Chinook hops from Black Locust Farm in Maryland as well as local PA honey. 

Scratch #160 - Belgian Style Saison: 6.7%


This Belgian-style farmhouse ale features rye and wheat, French Saison yeast and an experimental hop variety originated from the American Dwarf Hop Association known as ADHA Experimental 871 to impart pleasant floral and citrus notes as well as strong herbal tones akin to mint and sage.



Scratch #157 - Fest Lager: 5.3%


To commemorate Oktoberfest, we offer our annual take on the classic German Märzenbier (or Festbier) style.


Bottles (available for on-premise consumption only)


Jovial: 7.0%

This enticing Belgian-style Dubbel ale features hints of raisin, fig, date, and prune. As the flavor develops, traces of toffee, chocolate, and subtle spices emerge. Jovial is bottle conditioned and highly carbonated. Hold chalice and pour into the center of the glass to release the yeast's complex character. 12.7oz.

LaGrave: 8.0%  

Bottle conditioned and highly carbonated, this Triple Golden Ale is steeped in the tradition of ales brewed in Belgium. The unique Belgian yeast forms the bedrock of LaGrave's complex flavors. Strong and alluring, LaGrave boasts a sweet, fruity flavor with a well-rounded mouthfeel and semi-dry, lingering bitter finish. 12.7oz.