Flying Mouflan

Alcohol by Volume: 9.3%
Hop Bitterness (IBUs): 100-ish
Color: Dark Mahogany
Availability: Seasonal (April) - 22oz. Bottles Only
Malts: Euro Pils, Vienna, Munich, Dark Crystal
Hops: Warrior, Chinook, Simcoe
HopBack Hops: Whole leaf Nugget, Simcoe
Yeast: Ale
JuJu: Cane Sugar

Dubbed the Flying Mouflan (for reasons that become clearer toward the bottom of the glass) this strong alluring ale is two beers in one. Cracking open a fresh bottle unleashes hops and heat with more than 100 IBUs emanating from three hop varieties and sweet burn of 9.3% ABV. Cellaring the Flying Mouflan in a cool dark place at 50 degrees for a minimum of four months will mellow out the hops and wash away the heat. If you can resist temptation you will be rewarded with two memorable beers in a single bottle.


“We classify this beer as pushing Nugget Nectar off the side of a cliff. It is bold and intense–think hops dipped in candied sugar and rolled in dark chocolate nibs. Over time, the Flying Mouflan transforms into lush raisin and chocolate overtones as the hops subside and the rich barley flavors come out in the beer.” — John Trogner


Sharp Cheeses (Blue, Cheddar) Pungent Cheeses (Gorgonzola, Limburger)

Serving Suggestions:
Temp: 50-55 ° F | Glassware: Snifter or Tulip


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2010 Gold Medal - Great American Beer Festival - Barleywine

2008 Great American Beer Festival - Bronze Medal - Barleywine