Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 03/13/15

General Brewery Questions

What's in the name Tröegs?

Tröegs is a family nickname, from the founders' surname Trogner. When combined with a Flemish word “Kroeg,” meaning "pub," we get Tröegs.

How long has Tröegs Brewery been open?

Tröegs Brewery was founded in 1996 by brothers John and Chris Trogner. The first keg was sold to a local restaurant in Harrisburg on July 18, 1997. Tröegs Brewery was situated in Harrisburg, PA until October 2011, at which time operations were moved to Hershey, PA.

Is the original brewery still open in Harrisburg?

No. As of October 2011, we have moved our entire operation to 200 E. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey PA 17033. All current production takes place at our Hershey facility. You can still check out the old location, which is now a used and refurbished furniture store for Habitat For Humanity.

Where can I find Tröegs beer?

Check out our Beer Finder to locate Tröegs beer near you. Simply enter your zip code to find retailers in your area that carry Tröegs beer.

We currently distribute our beers to the following states: CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA and VA. Of course, you can come to our brewery in Hershey, PA and buy all the Tröegs beer you’d like right from our General Store. We also fill growlers in our Tasting Room.

Does Tröegs plan to expand distribution to my area?

We currently have plans to expand into other New England states in 2015-2016.

Can you ship beer?

Pennsylvania state law prohibits us from shipping beer directly to customers.

What is Scratch Beer?

Our Scratch Beers are brewed in limited, small batches and are available exclusively at Tröegs Brewery. While every Scratch Beer we release can be found on tap in our Tasting Room, not all are bottled. Those that are bottled are not distributed to any of our current markets. They are strictly brewery-only releases. Occasionally, you may find Scratch Beers on tap at special events such as Tap Takeovers or Pint Nights throughout our distribution footprint. Please refer to our EVENTS PAGE for a complete listing of all Tröegs-related events. Click HERE for more information on our Scratch Beer Series.

Do any of the Scratch Beers ever become year-round or seasonal beers?

Yes. For example, Scratch #4 was so popular that we made it a seasonal beer named Flying Mouflan.  Perpetual IPA also began life as a Scratch Beer, which soon became a seasonal release, and finally the year-round beer that everyone knows and loves. Cultivator, Hop Knife, and Blizzard of Hops all went through several test batches in our Scratch Beer Series before we settled on final recipes. While virtually everyone at Tröegs has ideas about new beers, ultimately this decision falls to John and Chris Trogner.

What is Splinter Beer?

The barrels in our Barrel Aging room contain potential future batches of our Splinter beer releases. Our Splinter Beers series are special limited batches that have been matured in various barrels, then bottle conditioned, and finally released to the public.

Past Splinter beers include: Splinter Red (bourbon barrel-aged Mad Elf); Splinter Gold (Scratch #3 Belgian Tripel aged in oak barrels and doused with Brettanomyces); Splinter Blue (DreamWeaver Wheat matured in oak barrels with wild yeast and souring bacteria then aged on tart cherries); and Splinter Black (Imperial Stout brewed with cacao nibs and turbinado sugar, then barrel-aged on Ugandan Gold vanilla beans in virgin Pennsylvania oak barrels). We've also released three Bourbon Barrel Aged Splinter beers: Troegenator, Flying Mouflan, and JavaHead Stout, all of which were extremely limited releases. Please be patient; just like children, it takes a long time for the beer to fully mature (although the male beers definitely take much longer than the female beers).

When are Nugget Nectar and Mad Elf available? Why aren’t they brewed year-round?

Mad Elf is our limited holiday ale release. It is typically released in bottles on or around October 15 and on draft around Thanksgiving. While there is no release date set in stone, you can use these timeframes as general guidelines.

Nugget Nectar, our limited late winter release, is available beginning early to mid-January. While there is no release date set in stone, you can use the following timeframe as a general guideline: Central PA (including Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Cumberland, Perry, Adams, and Franklin Counties) during the first half of January; remaining PA footprint (1-2 weeks after initial release); NJ, MD and DE (first week of February); and CT, MA, NC, NY, OH and VA (mid-February).

We feel it is best to keep Mad Elf and Nugget Nectar as a limited release so fans have something special to look forward to each year.

Which beers are available in cans?

We currently package two of our year-round beers in cans: Perpetual IPA (12oz. cans) and Troegenator Double Bock (16oz. cans). We also package our limited release, Nugget Nectar, in 16oz. cans. Finally, all of our Hop Cycle seasonal beers are available in 12oz. cans during the appropriate season. These include Cultivator (spring), Sunshine Pils (summer), Hop Knife (fall) and Blizzard of Hops (winter).

How long can I store/keep Tröegs beer?

Each bottle of Tröegs beer is stamped with a “Bottled on” date. Although some of our beers can be aged for many years (Mad Elf, Flying Mouflan, Splinter Series), the majority of our beers should be consumed within four months for optimum freshness. Our cases are stamped with a “Best by” date to help give an indication of how quickly you should consume the beer. For beers like Mad Elf, Flying Mouflan, and our Splinter Series, feel free to store in a cool area (50-55° F) away from direct light for several years.

Will my beer go bad if it warms up during travel or transport?

While the majority of our beer ships out of the brewery from our cold storage warehouse, the beer is not delivered on refrigerated trucks. However, it is a common misconception that cold beer becomes “skunked” when it gets warm.

Do you use GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in your beer?

No, we do not use GMOs in any of our beers.

Do you make gluten-free beer?

We currently have no gluten-free beer options in our portfolio.

Do John and Chris still work here?

Yes, the brothers are still an integral part of the day-to-day business of the brewery. In a nutshell, John oversees the brewing side of the brewery, while Chris handles the business end.

Who does your artwork?

We have an in-house marketing and design team that handles the majority of the brewery's creative output, but occasionally we employ outside marketing or advertising firms on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get a job here?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to fulfill your dream of working at a brewery, then feel free to check out our Job Openings on our website for details.  Good luck!

Visitor and Tour Information

What are your hours of operation?

Tasting Room, Snack Bar and Self-Guided Tour Hours:

Sun-Wed: 11am to 9pm

Thu-Sat: 11am to 10pm

Guided Tasting Tour Hours (Reservation Only):

Monday-Thursday: 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm

Friday-Saturday: 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm

Sunday: 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm

Cost: $5

Please click HERE for information on Guided Tasting Tour reservations.

Holiday Hours:

CLOSED: Easter Sunday; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day; New Year's Day

EARLY HOURS: Christmas Eve: 11am - 5pm; New Year's Eve: 11am - 6pm

Do you have a restaurant?

Yes. Our Snack Bar offers concession-style dining. Once you find your seat, visit the Snack Bar to place your food order. Please take your seat while you’re waiting. Pick up is ready when your buzzer flashes.

Does your Tasting Room/Snack Bar take reservations?

Reservations are NOT accepted and seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our Tasting Room offers an open seating environment where guests can gather to enjoy fresh draft beer, our "made from scratch" Snack Bar menu and views of our state-of-the-art, 100-barrel brew house.

If I start a tab at the bar, can I add food to my tab at the Snack Bar?

Yes. You can start a tab with a valid credit card at the bar. All food and beer orders may be added to an existing bar tab by giving your last name. Tabs can be opened and closed at the bar only.

NOTE: You cannot add General Store merchandise to an open tab in the Tasting Room. All merchandise purchases must be made in the General Store.

Are children allowed at the brewery?

Yes. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian at all times. Our kids’ menu is posted on the back of our regular Snack Bar menu.

Visitors under the age of 21 are not permitted on the Guided Tasting Tour due to safety reasons. However, visitors of all ages are welcome to explore the brewing process from our Self-Guided Tour Path.

What forms of ID do you accept?

Only the following forms of identification are legally acceptable in Pennsylvania:

·         A valid photo driver's license issued by the PA Department of Transportation or by any state

·         A valid photo identification card issued by the PA Department of Transportation or by any state

·         A valid armed forces identification card containing the holder's photograph

·         A valid passport, passport card or travel visa containing the holder's photograph

Can I bring my dog onto the patio?

When the patio is open for the season we allow dogs to accompany their owner on the patio.

NOTE: All dogs must remain on a leash and must remain with their owner at all times. Vaccines must be complete and up to date.  Waste is removed to an outdoor trash receptacle. A water dish and water is the responsibility of the guest.

Do you allow cake or balloons to be brought into the Tasting Room?

Yes. If you are bringing cake, we request that you also supply your own disposable plates and silverware. Balloons may be brought in and tied to a chair. Balloons are not a permitted to be used as a means to reserve seating.

Do you offer a catering package?

Yes. We currently accept bookings for catered events at the brewery. Click HERE to view our current Catering Events Package. All inquiries and event booking requests should be sent to our Catering Manager at 717-534-1297 x111 or

Can I add a guided tour with my catered event?

Due to the limited number of guests we can accommodate on a Guided Tasting Tour, these tours are offered as an option for catered events under 20 guests only.

Do you allow smoking at the brewery?

Smoking and all forms of electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside the Tasting Room and adjacent areas, as well as on the outside patio. For your convenience, we have set up a smoking area outside, across from the main brewery entrance.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in our Tasting Room at no charge. Please ask any Tasting Room co-worker for the password.

Where can I stay in Hershey when I visit the brewery?

Check out our handy Hershey Hotel Guide, which lists several hotel options within close proximity to our brewery.